Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A Letter To My Friend

Assalamualaikum wrth wbkth....

Pagi nie aku terkejut sangat...dan aku sedih...selepas setahun penantian...akhirnya terjawab sebuah penantian & sebuah jawaban...umpama lagu menanti sebuah jawaban...aku menerima email...dari seseorang yang sangat ku nantikan...sahabatku Jimmy Burns dari UK... 3 years ago, I received email from him...dia menyatakan yang dia menghidap Leukimia...tapi pagi ini, aku telah menerima berita kematiannya...yang telah berlalu hampir setahun lalu...sedihnya...he was a good friend of mine...walaupun tak pernah bersua muka...aku amat menghargai persabahatannya...Nie adalah email yang aku terima pagi tadi...

Hi Miss Helda,

I'm Caroline, Jimmy's cousin in Singapore.

I tried to send you an email in early January this year, but the email was rejected due to close of email account... So I didn't know how to let you know.

Jimmy, he passed away... in Melbourne on 23rd Dec 2004... He was 24, he left us due to leukemia... He battled the sickness for 8 yrs... recovered then he had releapse... was in and out of coma several times, the doctor said he had 3 months left. He went to Melbourne with his elder sister, Kestrel Burns, also his doctor-in-charge, his personal nurse and myself, to see his Mentor. While on the road to the airport, to take a flight to Thailand from Melbourne, to see the person he love... he passed away in the car. He went away peacefully.

He wrote in part of his will, address to his friends, and he mentioned "Helda", I believe the message below he wrote was for you.

"Helda, I'm sorry I couldn't make it to Malaysia to visit you... I did promise you to visit you when I'm back in Singapore again, but now that I'm stuck in the hospital here in U.K., I doubt I can make it. Please take care of yourself, live well and keep smiling. Thank you for everything, especially your friendship, even though we've never met, but you've been a great friend. Thank you."

This Friday is his 1st death anniversary... even though it's been a year... I miss him a lot... When he was around, he was such a good friend... even till now, his friends though knew about his passing, still emails to his account on how much they miss him... I miss him too... I'm trying to smile, for him. He always liked to see people smile... But it's so hard...

I believe you've been a good friend of his... Thank you, for being there for him and also Thank you very much for your friendship to him.

Best regards,
Caroline Chua

Jimmy...u're the best friend I've ever had in this world...your friendship means a lot to me...May God bless you Jimmy!!

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